Class: Detained

Ooh, a bottle episode. It’s actually come at a good time, as only yesterday I was complaining that the gang are hardly ever actually together, so an episode that’s just them and nobody else in the same small room for 45 minutes is quite a welcome change. Matteusz is there too, and at this point I’m really confused as to whether to consider him part of the gang or not. He’s not treated as one of the main characters, but he’s only missed one episode so far, and after what the group went through here, he’s definitely one of them now.

Trapped in a displaced classroom within an infinite void, the kids had nothing better to do than pass around the truth rock, which sparked up some very deep and very personal conversations. It was a great plot device; Class is often at its best when it takes the time to really explore its characters, and for all its various faults, I now feel like I really know these guys, and that they’re far more rounded and well-developed than Torchwood managed in four series.

It was a bit like Midnight, in that the characters were pushed to their very limits until they start displaying the very worst aspects of their humanity. It’s when you see people at their lowest that you really get to know them, and I feel like I understand many of them a lot more now, particularly Charlie. It’s interesting that the rock wasn’t quite affecting him in the same way as the others, as it implies that when he finally got angry and confessional, it was all him.

The only downside is that April and Ram’s promising relationship is now completely in tatters, having lasted all of one story. Worse still, Ram became an internet misogynist as soon as it became clear that his feelings weren’t reciprocated, becoming aggressive and abusive towards April for having the temerity to have her own emotions. I know that the rock was making everyone act like dicks, but it seemed to me that the way the dickishness manifested itself was all down to the individual – it made them act in a truthful way, and if that’s what Ram resorts to when he’s angry, that’s worrying.

Still, this was a tense and gripping episode, the best the series has offered yet. I’m also hopeful for the next one – Quill turning up at the end, having gained a scar and her freewill, was a great tease, and I’m looking forward to seeing what she was up to while this lot were in detention.


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