Friend from the Future

This tiny scene was the last time, to date, that I watched any form of new Who in a big group, albeit in slightly strange circumstances. I was at a child’s first birthday party, and those of us who weren’t attending to their various offspring gathered round a mobile phone as it live streamed Match of the Day‘s FA Cup semi-final coverage. I’m still yet to watch it on a proper telly, given that it was inexplicably omitted from the Series 10 Bluray release.

It’s so unusual for a new companion to be given this level of fanfare that I went into it expecting a huge name, or that a former companion was returning, and I was slightly relieved when it turned out to be a complete unknown. She does nothing here but ask slightly irritating questions, which worried me a little at the time, but it works a lot better now that I know Bill, and find her slightly irritating questions incredibly endearing.

Of course, little did we know at the time that the Dalek pursuing our new dynamic duo was actually a sentient puddle, or that a bunch of Movellans were just round the corner. Instead, the main thing that I took from my initial viewing was bewilderment and amusement at the closing caption. What the fuck is an Asbill?



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