The Doctor’s Meditation

Just a little one today, or rather two little ones – I’m smushing together both the Prologue to Series 9 and The Doctor’s Meditation, which is also a prologue to Series 9, but is long enough to get its own entry, whereas strictly speaking the actual Prologue is more like an episode-specific prequel, which don’t get their own entries. They’re both part of the same thing anyway, and in fact it later becomes clear that they both take place within the events of the opening episode.

One leads directly into the other too – after the Doctor pops over to Karn to hand over what we’ll later realise is a confession dial, he says he’s off to “meditate on a rock somewhere”, and it turns out that rock is Earth. His procrastination in order to avoid said meditation is brilliant. I love grumpy Capaldi, but people forget he can also do playful and silly just as well as any of his predecessors. It’s weird that he’s seemingly travelling without Clara though, after such a big deal was made of their reunion at Christmas.

Both pieces hinge on the Doctor talking cryptically about having to visit an old enemy, and it does such a good job of making you assume he’s talking about Missy that it took me a couple of minutes to remember that there’s another old enemy in the first story. I think Series 9 might be my favourite of the modern era, and I’m really looking forward to watching it again.


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