Space / Time

A little palate-cleanser for Comic Relief, in which Rory causes a disaster that threatens the whole of time and space because he was looking up Amy’s skirt. This was part of an unusually blokey streak of humour, which led to mixed results. I loved the two Ponds flirting with each other, but I was slightly uncomfortable with the Doctor admonishing Amy for what she was wearing, and everyone blaming her for causing the whole thing by distracting Rory, rather than blaming Rory for being a perv.

Thankfully this was just a minor element to the sketch, the bulk of which was funny and very clever indeed. I feel like I’ve mentioned quite a lot that I’m a sucker for this sort of time-travel trickery, and this was Moffat getting his most ridiculous ideas out of his system, safely away from the main show. The TARDIS within the TARDIS was very Logopolis, and it resulted in more bootstrap paradoxes than you can shake a stick-that-was-given-to-you-by-your-future-self at.

But that’s OK, because it’s Red Nose Day, and it’s good to see Doctor Who joining in with the fun on its own terms – not with a self-parody or a celebrity crossover (both of which worked perfectly fine before, admittedly), but with a condensed version of the regular show, using the talents of the current cast and showrunner to do something that only Who can do.



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