The Unquiet Dead

* Ah yes, it’s Gwen but in the past! Gwyneth is a much more interesting character, unencumbered by the need to repeatedly shout “Jaaaack” in a state of distress, and Eve Myles is great. Also on the Torchwood front, I’d completely forgotten that The Rift had been established this early into proceedings.

* Rose talking about how The Doctor can revisit days that are long gone made me think of Father’s Day. No idea whether this was intentional, but when The Doctor accuses her of deliberately engineering the situation in that episode, perhaps it’s true, and this is the moment when she got the idea. Gwyneth does later say that she’s been thinking about her dad a lot recently.

* It’s Christmas, but it’s not a Christmas special. I suppose had they known that setting an episode at this time of year would soon become a regular, annual event, they might not have picked it. But then again – Dickens. Simon Callow is superb, by the way.

* Favourite lines that I didn’t remember and so made me laugh once more: “What the Shakespeare is going on?” and “I love a happy medium”.

* The scene of Rose and Gwyneth giggling together as they wash up is the highlight of the episode. I love how naughty Gwyneth feels about talking that way, and how she’s so shocked at the mentions of boys and bums. However, given that she dies soon after, how come she has a descendant in modern day Cardiff? Maybe it was all an act, and the butcher’s boy is Gwen’s great-great-great-grandfather.

* The line I always remember from this episode is the Bad Wolf reference, but it’s the first bit that’s more memorable to me. “The things you’ve seen… The Darkness…” I always picture Rose and Mickey at Brixton Academy, headbanging to I Believe In A Thing Called Love.

* The snow falling from the departing TARDIS is absolutely lovely. It’s an episode that’s full of heart and atmosphere, even if the plot seems a little slow to get going, and then rushed in the resolution. But I like it a lot, and unfortunately I don’t think Gatiss has topped it since, although I will of course be re-evaluating in the coming months.


Oh, and I got a notification earlier saying that this blog is two years old today. The experiment started a couple of months earlier, of course, but still – hooray!

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