You know the drill by now. I come to an episode that’s apparently one of the worst of all time, and I completely fail to see why. I guess it’s all a bit lightweight, and it’s not exactly original – we’ve seen doppelgangers of The Doctor before, and the science vs religion debate, and megalomaniacs with dopey mercenaries. But it’s by no means bad television, or bad Doctor Who.

The principal reason for this is Tom Baker. The defining characteristic of his final season so far seems to be putting him in make-up and getting him to give a different take on the character. It’s just great to see him get the opportunity to try something new, and it’s no mean feat after such a long time. Unsurprisingly, he successfully assumes the role of villain with great ease.

It’s not so convincing with Jacqueline Hill – and what a surprise it was to see her face on the DVD cover! – simply because she seems far too nice to be a baddy. All I could see was Barbara, specifically Barbara as Yetaxa in The Aztecs. But this is not her fault, and it was absolutely lovely to see her again, even though I’d have much rather seen what Barbara and Ian were up to nearly 20 years on.

The serial had a very odd structure – our heroes are barely in Part 1 at all, and then they get stuck in a timeloop. It’s common to see a quick glimpse of the guest characters before the regulars get involved, but this one kept going, and then it continued to cut back and forth between them and the TARDIS to the point where it felt like two parallel stories running side by side.

But that’s absolutely fine when both sets of characters includes Tom Baker, and the fact that The Doctor and Romana arrive to the story late means there’s no need for the pace to slack in the middle, aside from Romana leading the mercenaries on a wild goose chase around the planet. Otherwise, the story of The Doctor and Meglos follows the same pattern as The Doctor and Salamander – narrowly avoiding each other for ages while everyone gets them mixed up, while the solitary coming together is saved til right at the end.

It’s nowhere near as good as that doppelganger story, obviously, but it’s way better than the first one, and honestly, it’s not amazing but it’s all pretty decent. My only major quibble is that K-9 is once again barely in it, as I know that he’s about to be written out before too long. The Doctor has been summoned to Gallifrey (I’m enjoying these loose links from story to story, it’s like the black and white era), and I’m faced with a box-set that marks the start of an extremely turbulent time for my current-Doctor-and-companion(s) banner rotation, and lists of recurring characters…


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