The Myth Makers

Oh man. I didn’t know this was Vicki’s last episode. Bah. I really liked her, and it feels like we didn’t get enough of her. I suppose I should have seen it coming when she was conspicuously nicknamed “Cressida” and then met a bloke called Troilus. She’s inevitably become the second in a long line of young female companions who immediately shack up with a bloke they’ve only just met, but this one is made a little bit icky by the fact that she was his prisoner earlier in the story. Stockholm Syndrome, much?

Like Susan, she’s been left to rebuild an utterly destroyed society, but unlike Susan, we didn’t get to see the Doctor say goodbye. His quiet “I’ll miss her” moment didn’t feel as real as it did with Ian and Barbara a few serials ago. Of course, Katarina is there as an instant replacement, but I’m afraid I already know what her fate will be…

Meanwhile, another myth being made by our heroes comes about when The Doctor invents the Trojan Horse. It’s a little odd that he doesn’t seem concerned about changing history at any point – all three of the regulars are perfectly happy to meddle with the course of events throughout the story.

But still, this is a bloody good serial – it invokes The Aztecs a lot, what with The Doctor and Vicki being mistaken for a god and a sorceress, but it does an even better job of creating intrigue right from the start. It’s funny too – nothing major, but there’s a much more subtle style of humour than we got in The Romans, and it’s a lot more successful as a result. Both the Greeks and the Trojans act like sit-com families at times, and I’m all in favour of that.

The hook into the next serial is great – Steven is seriously wounded and there’s a mad-eyed Trojan on board. You’ve got the sense that they’ll all be in danger right from the off, and the next episode slide popping up with “The Nightmare Begins” certainly helps.

Oh, and that reminds me: “Small Prophet, Quick Return” and “The Horse of Destruction” are silly titles for episodes. Although, I read that one of them had the working title of “Is There A Doctor In The Horse?”, which is much better.

The Daleks’ Master Plan next, then. Looking forward to it, especially the episodes that actually exist – it will have been over a week since I’ve been able to actually watch anything properly. As it’s such a long one, I might do a mini-update halfway through, or maybe just one or two short tweet-length posts if anything occurs to me.

(PS. I was intending to change the header image on this blog every time the line-up of regulars changed. This will usually happen at the end of the first serial with the new cast, but as I know that Katarina won’t make it past the end of her first serial, I thought I’d make an exception…)


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