Mission to the Unknown

I knew in advance that this was the one that didn’t include any of the regular cast, and that served as a teaser for The Daleks’ Master Plan, but I didn’t know anything about its actual content. It actually manages to squeeze quite a lot of elements into its single episode – the crashed ship, the Little Shop of Horrors-style evil plants and of course the Daleks forming their almighty alliance.

I suspect that this is also Terry Nation’s Master Plan – showcasing the Daleks in a context that doesn’t involve The Doctor, whilst also introducing a bunch of other races that could team up with the Daleks in whatever lucrative spin-off he was dreaming about at the time.

I enjoyed it, but I imagine I’d be a little pissed off if I’d sat down to watch this in 1965, spending the whole episode wondering when the TARDIS was going to materialise. But then, if this was 1965, Dalekmania would be so strong that I’d be too pre-occupied by imagining how amazing their invasion of The Solar System was going to be.

But next up, I’ve got an entirely missing four-parter to get through first…


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