The Time Meddler

An absolute classic as far as I’m concerned – possibly my favourite story so far. I’d seen it before, but I’d forgotten how good it was, and seeing it in context makes you appreciate that it’s another huge step forward in establishing themes and concepts that would dominate Who for years.

It was the first story to properly blur the lines between historical and sci-fi stories – it was the best of both. And it’s the first time we meet another Time Lord, although that phrase was still several years away from being used. Vicki and Steven discovering that the Monk has a TARDIS is a fantastic, jaw-dropping moment – as is the reveal of how The Doctor had punished him.

Steven seems a decent enough chap, and we see him warming to the idea of TARDIS travel as his cynicism slowly disappears. I worry at this stage that he’s just a bit too similar to Ian, but then it took quite a while for Vicki to establish herself properly – it’s only when they’re not in direct peril that we get to know people.

The faces of the newly re-established crew appearing over the closing credits is a beautiful way to end the second season, as is this story itself – so much hope for the future at this point.

Oh, and is there any fanon whereby The Meddling Monk regenerates into Roger Delgado at some point? And if not, why not?



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1 thought on “The Time Meddler

  1. There’s no ‘fanon’ stating that Peter Butterworth regenerates into Roger Delgado. However…

    The FASA Role Playing Game states it. There’s also a separate module called ‘Master’ that lists Peter Butterworth as the first actor to play the Master.

    Doctor Who Magazine #75, in its preview for The King’s Demons states that the character of Estram is the same character from The Time Meddler who talked about jet airliners in the 14th century. Estram is of course the Master.

    Quiz show Mastermind, in a 1988 episode had someone with the specialist subject Doctor Who. One question asked when the Monk first started using the name ‘The Master’.(Answer:Terror of the Autons.)

    Sadly, some people reject this idea, even thought it’s confirmed by multiple official sources.


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