The Space Museum

Like The Keys of Marinus, I had no idea this was poorly received until after I’d finished watching. I couldn’t believe it – I bloody loved this. Such a great concept, with the crew struggling to avoid a pre-determined fate, and it’s executed so well – every time they think they’re breaking the chain of events, they wind up exactly where they were destined to be anyway.

Aside from the pre-determinism, the main plot is somewhat of a staple at this stage of the series – two rival factions on a planet, the crew have to figure out which ones to side with. Vicki inspiring the goodies to follow through on their plans for revolution further cemented my fondness for her as a companion.

The bit of business with the Dalek casing early on was great, but the cliffhanger to the last episode was even better. Even though – thanks to the DVDs coming in a twin pack – I knew The Chase was next, and that it was a Dalek episode, their sudden appearance at the end made me cheer out loud and grin with joy.


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