The Keys of Marinus

This was the first non-missing story that I’d not seen before, and I absolutely loved it. The format of changing locations every week, and of each episode telling a complete story, works exceptionally well when you watch it an episode at a time. I’ve seen plenty of criticism of it because of its format, but for me it worked so well that it seemed to drag in the last two episodes because they were both set in the same place.

The individual episodes are all consistently good – the snowy one is my favourite, while the hypnosis one is such a good concept that it could have been a four-parter of its own.

After I finished part six and started reading up, I discovered that this is far from a popular story, and a target of much scorn from fans. This surprised me, as I bloody loved it. I often find myself opposed to internet reaction to contemporary Who too – if I really enjoy a new episode when it goes out, I usually go online and see a bunch people saying I was wrong to do so. But the fact that I’m even loving the old stuff more than people who really love the old stuff reassured me that this little project was a very rewarding thing to do.


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