The Chase

This time round, I knew that The Chase had a bad reputation, but had little idea what to expect. It was The Keys of Marinus but with Daleks – what’s not to love?

This is Doctor Who as a sketch show, and most of those sketches are successful, particularly the Time-Space Visualiser stuff, the Mary Celeste scenes and Peter Purves’s performance as the wide-eyed American tourist atop the Empire State Building. The only duff bit is the haunted house stuff, which just comes across as confusing and convoluted.

The final couple of episodes, set on Mechanus provide a more traditional format, and it’s all good stuff. The Robot Doctor is a little badly executed – why did they use the double for scenes where the real Doctor wasn’t present? – but you can easily look past that.

Now, the ending. I had no idea that this was Ian and Barbara’s last story, so it was as much as a surprise to me as it would have been if I’d been watching in 1965. It comes a little out of the blue, simply because their ongoing goal to get back home hadn’t been mentioned for a while, but you’re with them every step of the way as they make their decision to take the risk and part ways. The montage of them back in contemporary London is heart-warming and superb. And then when it cuts back to The Doctor, who finally admits his true feelings of loss and sorrow… well, I may have done a little cry.

I’ll miss them too, Doctor.


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