Galaxy 4

Aaaaand, now we’re up to date – this is the first entry to be written directly after finishing the serial in question, and without having watched any more since. Hooray!

After the luxury of only eleven missing episodes in the whole of the first two seasons, the missing ones are in the majority throughout the next two. Looking at the spreadsheet, I’ve got a huge block of red to get through, and I must admit it’s a little daunting.


Galaxy 4 kicks off this poor run of form, and I found it a little tough going – very hard to get into, which wasn’t helped by the stop-start nature of how I had to watch it. You see, the special edition DVD of The Aztecs features all the existent material from Galaxy 4 – a six minute chunk of the first episode, and the whole of the third, with recreations filling in the gaps. Brilliant… except the recreations are truncated, with the original soundtracks edited down. This is quite annoying – surely the target audience for this feature wants to see the most complete version available? I had to keep switching between the DVD and unofficial recreations in order to see the most complete version of the story that I could. Irritating.

But anyway. This is somewhat of a standard “choosing between two rival factions” story, but with a nice little twist in that the crew pick the wrong side at first, and have to defect when it turns out that the Drahvins are complete shits.

The Chumblies are pretty good; for some reason they reminded me of Bertha. Odd that the Rill wouldn’t have thought to fit them with cameras or something to prevent them from being blind.

1960s Attitude Watch: I detected a slight whiff of anti-feminism in the portrayal of the all-female Drahvins as heartless and clinical bastards. However, there was a nice anti-fascist message in the way The Doctor treated the Rill, the moral being that it doesn’t matter what people look like at the outside, it’s the inside that counts.

I managed to get into it a little better towards the end, and enjoyed the last couple of episodes. It was a bit odd that the Drahvins were just left to die on the exploding planet. They had it coming to them, but I feel that nowadays The Doctor would have rescued them regardless, and then enacted a proper punishment.

The set-up for Mission to the Unknown is a little cheesey – The Doctor pretty much says “fuck it, let’s have a week off” – but I’m really looking forward to it…


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