The Edge of Destruction

It’s an odd one this. I love the concept of doing a little mini serial set just in the TARDIS, especially at this stage in the show’s history, but every time I watch it, it always winds up confusing me. I always remember the ‘fast return button stuck down’ thing – largely because of how incongruous the felt-tip addition looks on the console – but I always somehow forget about the reveal that all the weird things are happening because the TARDIS is deliberately fucking shit up in order to draw attention to the fault.

Again, the TARDIS being a sentient being is a concept I adore, and the new series have taken that concept and run with it, but somehow it never quite seems convincing that it can do all of these things to the crew.

But still, the primary purpose is to start the transformation of Ian and Barbara’s status from hostages to companions, and it does that incredibly well. They’re definitely a team now, ready to crack on with some proper adventures.


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